Our Journey

We offer luxury brands unparalleled access to the Australian retail landscape. With a history spanning over four decades, we draw on our heritage and expertise to create extraordinary experiences for Australian consumers across luxury segments.

New Stories in </br>Australian Luxury

Our Voice

New Stories in
Australian Luxury

Kennedy Luxury Group is the narrator of new stories within the Australian luxury market, creating experience beyond expectation and building memories that last beyond the moment.

We represent a selection of the world’s most coveted brands in Australia.

Uncompromising Excellence

Our Vision

Uncompromising Excellence

Our vision is to become the number one luxury brand group in Australia. To achieve this, we continually challenge expectation and convention within the Australian luxury market.

Our Values

Our unique model is anchored by three pillars

Guardians of Excellence

As brand custodians for our partners
we provide expertise in the luxury
retail sector whilst leveraging our key
shared services such as Finance,
Marketing, Information Technology
and Human Resources.

Considered & Nurturing

The driving force of the Group’s
success is our long-term vision in
building brands. Our investment,
resources and partnerships are second
to none. We have an innate
understanding of brand cultivation and
excel in developing the identity of our
brand partners in new markets.

Ambassadors of Heritage

Our legacy of building luxury brands
in Australia is renowned. We are
dedicated to heritage and the
preservation of sustainable growth
for our brands to ensure continuity,
consistency and service quality. Our
method is highly collaborative and

Be a Part of the Australian Luxury Market

Our unique understanding of the Australian landscape allows us to provide our brand partners with intelligent and considered insights on luxury retail; whilst working collaboratively to bring their brand objectives to life in the local market.

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